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Kristina and Jeremy's Spectacular Internet Wedding
Thank you so much for coming! Video is here. Check out the photos and here is some drone footage!

Kristina (on the left) fighting Vikings in Iceland.

Kristina Maria Visscher

Kristina is an Alabama native and works at the University of Alabama Birmingham as a Neuroscientist. She studies what happens to people's vision by sticking them in tubes and making them listen to loud clicking noises. She is passionate about brains, climate change, bikes, the wonder of science, and farro. She is very funny and beautiful. This paragraph was written by her future husband.
Jeremy (on the left) eating the world's hottest pepper.

Jeremy Gilder Gordinier

Jeremy is an Alabama transplant. He is a secret yankee. He works at the Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama. He makes signs and banners and websites and patches. Sometimes he laughs while he is working. Other times he is very serious. He is passionate about graphic design, music, cooking, books, and oatmeal. He is very strong and handsome. This paragraph was also written by him.

Kaia Gordinier

Kaia is a Dog. She was rescued from Animal Control. She does not have a job. She is passionate about Squirrels, Pillows, Garbage, Walks, and Naps. She is very friendly and loves being petted most of the time. She does not like squirrels or pizza delivery. She asked me to emphasize the part about squirrels. This paragraph was typed by a human.

Surfing the Internet

It will be on Hopin. This is not by choice. We want to see all our lovely friends and relatives and have a big celebration in person. We love all of you so much! We hope all of you will join us at our online wedding. We are so excited to be getting married and hope to have an in person reception soon!

The link for the ceremony will be here. It will also be a big blue button at the top of the page on the date. Here are some instructions for using Hopin. That link will be active starting at 3pm on 4/3/21 for checking technical issues.

Engagement Party

We’ll start at 4:30pm. Vows will be at 5 (get it?? 5 4/3/21. We crack ourselves up). Here is the calendar link. Dress code is Zoom Professional. Pants are required. Dress up and email us a selfie! The wedding color is purple.

Here is the the agenda. After the ceremony, we encourage people to stay and chat with each other on Hopin. We will have a small break, so people are encouraged to have some dinner on their own. But if you leave please come back beacause at 7:30 CDT we will have Trivia!! Here is the cake recipe. Our drink is champagne and blueberries. This is the program for the event.


We have put together a wedding playlist for dancing in your living room alone or with others. We also have a massive playlist of our favorite songs that we would love you to add to.

Here is the offical wedding playlist.


This is a photo gallery of every single person we love. Except we didn't include everyone because we need you to add more photos! Please help us and add any photos you have to share with everyone!

Photos of us and some of the people we love


The best gift is for you to attend our wedding. Please do not feel obligated in any way to give us any other gift.

We are fond of these charities, who do take donations: GASP or Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama